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Phoenix Consulting Group is a team of UC Berkeley students who consult for health-sector business problems.


We’re a diverse community of engineers, scientists, business leaders, and policymakers with one vision: train the healthcare leaders of tomorrow by solving the healthcare problems of today. Our members grow together through high-impact consulting projects and our club is a hub for healthcare innovation.

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This semester, our projects range from data management market research to CRO lab services.

Client: Dell

DELL is a multinational electronics & technology company that is actively exploring how to improve the digitalization of health via modernized IT, virtual health delivery, and securing/storing healthcare data. Phoenix conducted market research to determine how DELL can become a leader in the life sciences data management space through addressing unmet customer needs.

Client: Medable

Medable, a Series D startup specializing in decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) is changing the way clinical trials are performed. With innovative techniques, Medable has converted key facets of trials into virtual forms, increasing access and accuracy. Phoenix helped Medable identify and tackle growing therapeutic areas to differentiate them from their competitors in the general clinical trials space.

Client: NExTNET

NExTNET is an SF-based software startup building an Explainable AI platform that transforms unstructured or semi-structured data into a human-understandable Ontology. Phoenix identified the total addressable market and core customers in the drug development space to help NExTNET successfully launch their product.

Client: GnomeDX

Gnome is a Contract Research Organization and lab that offers scientific testing, diagnostic services, and research design. Phoenix dove into the services and techniques within this space to discover which would be the most promising for Gnome’s continued or novel investment and developed new and improved ways for Gnome to work with their clients.

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